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Primary School - Grades K-3
P=Project   E=Experiment
Find out which kind of bait makes the best wasp trap [P] [P]
Interdisciplinary Topic: Pesticides
Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
What natural pesticide is most effective against crickets? [P]
Determine the variables that contribute to creating an effective fly trap. [E]
Find out if white sage and eucalyptus concentrates repel argentine ants. [E]
Test whether certain odorous of household items such as vanilla extract, various liquid air fresheners, catnip, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, garlic, and lemons could effectively block a termite's pheromone trail and/or deter the termites from home invasion. [E]
Which ant pesticides works the best? [E]
Interdisciplinary Topic: Pesticides
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Can Road Salt Be Used to Control the Mosquito Population? [E]
The Effects of Pesticides on Bees' Lifespans [E]
The Ability of a Dove Weed Extract to Control Aphids [E]
Which Local Plant Extracts Will Be an Effective Pesticide on Mosquito Larvae and Still Be Safe for Other Aquatic Life? [E]
Test ways of controlling whiteflies. [E]
Find the most effective and economic algaecide to kill Volvox (algae). [E]
The Effectiveness of Brewer's Yeast as a Mosquito Repellent [E]
Find an effective method for repelling ants that is safe for humans and the environment. [E]
Analyzing the Accuracies of Natural vs. Chemical Mosquito Repellents When Mixed with Paint [E]
The correlation between the amount of mosquito repellent applied and the amount of repelled mosquitoes. [E]
Determining If Household Materials Can Neutralize the Toxic Levels of Pesticides [E]
Which Natural Substance Will Work as a Pesticide on Mosquito Larvae? [E]
Why Are Ants Afraid of Baby Powder? [E]

How varying concentrations of pesticides might affect the viability of Artemia salina, or brine shrimp. [E]
The effect of insecticides on ladybugs [P]
Effect of Salt Substitute on the Growth and Development of the Mosquito Culiseta incidens [E]
What Is the Effect of Smoke Inhalation on the Stability of a Spider's Web? [E]
Can Detergent, Acidity or Salt Control the Mosquito Population? [E] [E]
Determine what is the best way to remove dust mites found on a pillowcase. [E]
Investigate Different Organic Ant Repellents [E] [E]
The effectiveness of pesticides on different types of cockroaches [E]
Comparing Various Natural Substances in Attracting and Repelling Drosophila [E]
Find out what can repel ants yet not harm them in any way by using natural house hold items or products that can be easily bought. [E]
Determine if electricity could be used as an ant repellant. [E]
Will Eucalyptus Oil Be More Effective in Killing Mosquito Larvae than Insecticide? [E]
Interdisciplinary Topic: Pesticides
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Investigating the Effectiveness of Natural Pesticides in Controling Leaf Gall Insect Development [E]
The Effects of Nerium oleander on Mutant and Wild-type Drosophila melanogaster [E]
Find a non-toxic, environmentally safe, pheromone based ant repellent. [E]
Interdisciplinary Topic: Pesticides
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