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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Why do Ants Like Sugar? [E]
Find out if white sage and eucalyptus concentrates repel argentine ants. [E]
Research Formica Ants [P]
Test whether certain odorous of household items such as vanilla extract, various liquid air fresheners, catnip, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, garlic, and lemons could effectively block a termite's pheromone trail and/or deter the termites from home invasion. [E]
Do ants produce acid when antagonised? [E]
Effects of temperature, light, different foods and type of sand on ant activities [E]
Are ants attracted more to sugar or to aspartame? [P]
Insect Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Ant's Behavior without Antennae [E]
How Does Electromagnetic Radiation Affect A Colony of Harvester Ants? [E]
Ants produce attractant pheromones to mark trails that lead to food sources. Do they also produce a "do not enter" signal to mark paths that do not lead to food? [E]
Does the Distance between Ants and Food Affect the Percentage of Ants that Go to the Food? [E]
Find out what can repel ants yet not harm them in any way by using natural house hold items or products that can be easily bought. [E]
Do Ants Really Need Their Antennae? [E]
What Ethnic Food Do the Ants Like the Most? [E]
Determine to which flavor ants are most attracted. [P]
Determine if electricity could be used as an ant repellant. [E]
Which ant pesticides works the best? [E]
Insect Science Fair Projects & Experiments
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Pheromone Following Traits as a Measure of the Evolutionary Efficiency of Eusociality of Ants [E]
Determine whether a diluted and thus lower concentrated solution of the ant deterrent, Raid, is as effective as a fully concentrated solution of Raid. [E]
Determine which common household sweetener (saccharin, sucrose, aspartame, sucralose) the ant species, Linepithema humile, was most attracted to. [E]
Test the hypothesis that termites determine the direction of their nest from the degrees of the angles found in their pheromone trails. [E]
Foraging Behavior and Food Preferences of Argentine Ants [E]
Investigate aggression among ants. [E]
Insect Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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