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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Does the species of snake and how it lives determine the size of the head and the body? [E]
Determine which type of soil is the best for worms to live in and reproduce. [E]
Explore how the amount of daylight affects the lifecycle of butterflies from the stages of larvae to chrysalis to butterfly. [E]
The effect of pH level on a tadpole's life span. [E]
The Effects of Various Herbal Teas on the Life Span of Drosophila Melanogaster [E]
What type of sand do sand dollars like to live in? [E]
Investigate how cell phone radio-frequency waves affect the lifespan of a cricket. [P]
Light Effects of Animals
Temperature Effects of Animals
Animal Intelligence, Behavior, Cognition, Learning and Memory
High School - Grades 10-12
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The Effect of Glucose and Sucrose as Dietary Additives on the Lifespan of Wild-type and GAPDH Mutant Caenorhabditis Elegans (roundworm) [E]
Investigate how the bioluminescence of the marine dinoflagellate Pyrocystis lunula is affected by changes to its light-dark cycle. [E]
Find out if the number of maggots on a piece of beef affects the length of their life cycle. [E]
Test a set of olfactory stimulants and their effects on caloric restriction in Gryllus bimaculatus (a species of field crickets) and deepen the understanding of when and how caloric restriction might prolong lifespan. [E]
The Effect of Temperature on the Life Cycle of Chrysaora achlyos: From Ephyra to Medusa Stage [E]
Investigate the survivablity and adaptive behavior of the isopod Armadillidium vulgare and see what would happen to these bugs if they were displaced from their main living area under rocks or brush. [E]
Longevity and Diet: Studying the Relationship between Caloric Intake, Dietary Manipulation, and Lifespan in Drosophila [E]
Light Effects of Animals
Temperature Effects of Animals
Animal Intelligence, Behavior, Cognition, Learning and Memory
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