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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
Survey what students know and feel about deforestation. [E]
Explore Global Warming [P]
Will Global Warming affect the Piping Plover's life? [P]
Find out if plants affect the temperature in a sealed box. [E]
Greenhouse Effect & Greenhouse Gases Science Fair Projects and Experiments
What is Global Warming?
What is the Greenhouse Effect?
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Using Climate Change Modeling to Study Hypoxia and Acidification [P]
A Climate Model for Predicting Global Mean Temperature Anomalies [E]
Slowing Global Warming by Nutrient and Iron Fertilization of Oceanic Phytoplankton [E]
The Effect of pH on Calcifying Ocean Water Organisms [E] [E]
How insulators and insulating technologies can help conquer global climate change. [P]
Test landscaping materials to determine what materials could cool down our planet. [E]
Find out if the ocean's temperature continues to increase, will its qualities such as pH, oxygen, density, and salinity hurt the ocean environment? [E]
Research Global Warming [E] [E] [P]
Research Global Dimming [E]
The impact of diatoms on global warming. [E] [E]
Explore the effects of urban heat islands on cities and global warming. [P]

Find out how extra carbon dioxide affects growing locoweed (Astragalus laynae). [E]
What Is the Best Way to Reduce Fuel Use in Our Community? [E]
Determine if global warming is affecting the number of Giant Green (northern species) and Sunburst (southern species) sea anemones. [E]
Build and demonstrate a clean energy model boat powered by the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar. [E]
Test different products of insulation for houses, factories, or buildings in order to reduce pollution. [E] [E]
Investigate different fossil and alternative fuels and their effect on the ozone layer [E] [P]
Why hydrogen cars? [P]
Which vegetable oil biodiesel is an effective substitute for diesel fuel? [P]
What is climate change and how it can affect our lives? [E]
Greenhouse Effect & Greenhouse Gases Science Fair Projects and Experiments
What is Global Warming?
What is the Greenhouse Effect?
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
A Study of Carbon Sequestration in Redwood Trees [E]
How the Arctic Ocean is responding to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and global warming. [E]
Global Warming or Global Cooling? [P]
Explore the theory that solar variation (sunspot activity) is more responsible for global warming than human activity gas emissions. [E] [E]
Is Keeping Kosher Good for the Environment? [E]
How Much Will Vanishing Glaciers Raise Sea Levels? [E]
Is There a Link Between Hurricanes and Global Warming [E]
Determine the percent increase of solar radiation absorbed by the earth's surface when man alters: a coniferous forest into a grassland; a grassland into urban asphalt; a coniferous forest into urban asphalt. [E]
An Analysis of Carpooling [E]
Which U.S. Cities Contribute Most to Global Warming? [E]
A Study of the Sea Anemone Anthopleura sola as an Indicator of Global Warming in Northern California Rocky Intertidal [E]
Investigate the role of soil microbes in global warming. [E]
What are hybrid cars? [E]
Does global warming affect bacterial bleaching of coral? [E]
Greenhouse Effect & Greenhouse Gases Science Fair Projects and Experiments
What is Global Warming?
What is the Greenhouse Effect?
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