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Middle School - Grades 7-9
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The Effect of Titanium Dioxide TiO(2) Nanoparticles on E. coli Growth in the Presence of Light [E]
Antimicrobial Activity of Clove Oil and Cinnamon Oil against Escherichia coli [E]
The Cell Density of E. coli in which Tap Water's Chlorine Can No Longer Kill [E]
Does time affect how much E. coli is spread by a fly? [P]
Identify the most coliform contaminated places or objects found in a typical home. [P]
Test different Kinds of water for pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphates, coli form bacteria, iron and hardness. [P]
Find out if the amount of E. Coli bacteria in the Carmel River changes with the location, and whether the amount of E. Coli becomes greater farther up or closer to the mouth of the river, and if the rain lessens or dilutes the colonies. [E]
Determine if there is a correlation between Total Coliform (TC), Heterotrophic Plate Counts (HPC) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in the Kern River watershed. [E]
Determine if boiling water and the use of chlorine will kill coliforms to safe level. [P]
Test if Brita filters contain coliform bacteria. [E]
Determine if higher water levels, following a storm contribute to higher levels of fecal coliform and bacteria. [E] [E]
An investigation of the removal of E. coli K12 from water within a constructed wetland model [P]
Determine if surface water at lower elevations within the Tule River watershed has higher coliform counts than surface water at higher elevations. [E]
Determine whether building a subsurface constructed flow wetland in the Soquel Creek/Capitola Beach will reduce the e.coli and total coliform levels that flow into the ocean. [E]
Interdisciplinary Topic: E. Coli
Water Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Water Quality?
High School - Grades 10-12
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An Analysis of Coliform Bacteria Levels in Ballona Creek [E]
Will wells located near animal pens be more likely to show fecal contamination than wells that are not near animal pens? [P]
Sourcing and Quantification of Fecal Indicator Bacteria (FIB) in Aquatic Ecosystems [E]
Changes in Densities of Fecal Indicator Bacteria (FIB) over Differing Tidal Flows in the Ballona Wetlands, Los Angeles [E]
Interdisciplinary Topic: E. Coli
Water Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Water Quality?
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