Freshwater Water Pollution Impact on Aquatic Life
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Primary School - Grades K-3
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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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What effect does aeration have on algae in pond water? [E]
The effects of liquid fertilizer on an aquatic environment containing small aquatic animals and plants. [E]
Test the effects of the heavy metal copper (Cu) on an aquatic environment containing algae, worms, fish, and plants. [E]
Daphnia Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Freshwater Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Water Pollution?
Middle School - Grades 7-9
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Pool vs. Jacuzzi: A Study of Bacteria Levels in Water [E]
Effect of Various Pollutants on the Aquatic Plant, Egeria densa (Large-flowered Waterweed) [E]
The Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Eutrophication and Aquatic Primary Productivity [E]
See if the widespread household anti-micro bacterial, triclosan, will adversely affect the growth and population of freshwater species of algae. [E]
The Effects of Different Marine Environments on Oil Toxicity Level and Its Effect on Fish Embryo Development. [E]
The Effects of Runoff Pollutants on Various Aquatic Plants [E]
The effect of phosphate and other pollutants on the oxygen level in pond water [P] [P]
The effect of pH levels on the growth of minnows. [P]
Should Unmonitored Urban Lakes Be Used for the "Fishing in the City" Program? [E]
Determine the impact of residential stormwater pollutants on organism growth. [E]
Effect of rainfall on dissolved oxygen and thus affecting fish life [E]
The Effect of Damming on Water Quality Conditions for Aquatic Life [P]
How Do Changes in Nutrient Loading Affect Algae Growth and Water Quality? [E]
Which creek is a better fish habitat? [E]
Determine if different flow rates affect dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and temperature in a stream. [P]
Does the Level of Turbidity in Water Increase or Decrease Dissolved Oxygen Levels? [P]
Daphnia Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Freshwater Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Water Pollution?
High School - Grades 10-12
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Diatoms as Biological Indicators of Pharmaceutical Runoff [E]
To develop anti-RPA2 antibodies which can be used in immunoabsorbent assays to detect and characterize DNA damage done by chemicals in river. [P]
Utilizing the Isotopic Signature of Macroalgae to Identify Sources of Nitrogen in Streams and Rivers [E]
The Effects of Upwelling, Eutrophication, and Trace Metals on the Bloom Dynamics of Pseudo-nitzschia (Diatom) [E]
The effects of aquatic plants on algae growth, pH, nitrite, and phosphate levels [E]
Operational Effects of Altered Abiotic Factors on Nitrifying Bacteria [E]
Daphnia Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Freshwater Pollution Science Fair Projects & Experiments
What is Water Pollution?
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