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    African American Scientists and Inventors

    Famous African American Scientists and Inventors
    Edward Alexander Bouchet (1852 1918): the first African American to earn a doctorate.

    George Washington Carver (1864 - 1943): introduction of crop-rotation methods and peanut products.

    George Washington Carver (1864 - 1943): development of peanut crops and related products.

    David Crosthwait (1898 1976): invented heating systems, refrigeration methods, temperature regulating devices, and vacuum pumps.

    Louis Roberts (1913 - 1995): development of microwave technology.

    Meredith C. Gourdine (1929 - 1998): inventions for converting low-grade coal into inexpensive, transportable and high-voltage electrical energy.

    Elementary School /Middle School Level Biographies
    Black History Month: A Medical Perspective - Duke University
    Black Scientists & Inventors - Fact Monster
    Black Inventors - about.com

    Middle School / High School Level Biographies
    Black Inventor
    Texan African-American History: Biographical Entries - The Handbook of Texas

    High School / College Level Biographies
    African Americans in the Sciences - Mitchell C. Brown, Princeton University
    A Modern History of Blacks in Mathematics - Buffalo University
    Mathematicians and Scientists of the African Diaspora - Buffalo University
    Who are the Black Physicists? - Buffalo University

    Timeline of the First Black Physics PhDs - Buffalo University
    Black Scientists & Inventors - Infoplease

    The Black Inventor Online Museum - a Look at Black Inventors and their Contributions to Society
    International Black Inventions Museum
    Museum of Black Inventions and Innovations

    Black Heritage Series - American Philatelic Society
    African Americans on Stamps

    Humor & Trivia
    Quotes by Famous Black Americans

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