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    Oil Spills
    Experiments, Labs, Studies and Background Information

    Oil Spill Experiments and Studies

      Background Information

    • Oil spill - Wikipedia [View Experiment]
    • Offshore oil spill prevention and response - Wikipedia [View Experiment]
    • Oil Spill Checklist - EPA [View Experiment]
    • Largest oil spills - Wikipedia [View Experiment]

      K-12 Experiments, Labs, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Oil Spills Science Fair Projects and Experiments [View Experiment]
    • Oil spill experiments for middle school students - EPA [View Experiment]
    • An Environmentally-Friendly Oil Spill Experiment [View Experiment]
    • Biodegradation of Oil by Aerobic Bacteria - Access Excellence [View Experiment]
    • Experiment with different sorbents to clean up an oil spill [View Experiment]
    • No Water Off a Duck’s Back [View Experiment]
    • Polymer Oil Spill Removing Experimen [View Experiment]
    • What materials work the best in cleaning an oil spill? [View Experiment]
    • Investigate methods to clean up a simulated oil-spill, and compare effectiveness, cost, and waste disposal. [View Experiment]
    • The effects of oil spills on the marine ecosystem [View Experiment]
    • Test the absorptivity of different materials (sorbents) to discover which ones are best at removing oil from water. [View Experiment]
    • Oil Spill Lab [View Experiment]

      Studies and Research Projects

    • Risk of Global Climate Change by Bp Oil Spill [View Experiment]
    • Deep Spill Experiments Successfully Completed [View Experiment]
    • Microbial Community during Bioremediation Experimental On Oil Spill in Coastal Of Pari Island [View Experiment]
    • Ecological Impacts of A Wet land Oil Spill and Bioremediation Experiments [View Experiment]
    • Excon VuZdez Oil Spill StateFederal Natural Resource Damage Assessment [View Experiment]
    • Effects of Crude and Diesel Oil Spills on Plant Communities at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and the Derivation of Oil Spill Sensitivity Maps [View Experiment]
    • Establishing, Testing and Verification of Laboratory Burning Cell to Measure Ignitability for In-Situ Burning Of Oil Spills [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Ecological Effects of Acute Oil Spills [View Experiment]
    • Effects of crude oil contaminated sediment on the early life stages of lumpsucker (Cyclopterus lumpus L.). [View Experiment]
    • Contractile Floating Barriers for Confinement and Recuperation of Oil Slicks [View Experiment]
    • Affect of non-mixed condition of oxygen depletion and toxicity in a water body impacted by canola oil spill [View Experiment]

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