Following the Path of Discovery
Repeat Famous Experiments and Inventions
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Following the Path of Discovery
Repeat Famous Experiments and Inventions
Hands on Activities For High School and College Students and Teachers

Famous Experiments & Inventions & Hands On Activities

Alexander Graham Bell's telephone patent, U.S. Number 174,465, from 1876, which has been called the most valuable ever issued (source: USPTO).

By Inventor / Scientist
By Invention / Discovery / Experiment
By Hands On Activity
Ampère André-Marie: Electromagnetism

Archimedes of Syracuse: Archimedes' Principle

Avery, MacLeod, McCarty and Griffith: DNA

Bardeen, Shockley, Brattain: Transistor

Bell Alexander Graham: Telephone

Brahe Tycho: Sextant, Quadrant

Carver George Washington: Peanut Products

Cavendish Henry: Earth Weight

Darwin Charles: Orchids and Evolution

Eastman George: Hand-Held Camera

Edison Thomas: Light Bulb

Edison Thomas: Patents and Inventions

Einstein Albert: Photoelectric Effect, Relativity

Eratosthenes: Earth's Circumference

Faraday Michael: Electric Motor & Generator

Faraday Michael: Faraday Cage

Fitzroy Robert: Fitzroy Barometer

Foucault Léon: Foucault Pendulum

Franklin Benjamin: Kite Experiment, Lightning Rod

Galileo Galilei: Falling Bodies Experiment

Galileo Galilei: Telescope

Grove William: Fuel Cell

Gutenberg Johannes: Movable Type

Hertz Heinrich: Radio Waves

Joule James: Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

Leeuwenhoek Anton van: Microscope

Leonardo da Vinci: Parachute

Marconi Guglielmo: Radio

Mendel Gregor: Pea Plant Experiment

Michelson-Morley: Ether Wind Experiment

Miller-Urey: Miller-Urey Experiment

Millikan Robert: Oil-Drop Experiment

Morse Samuel: Telegraph

Newton Isaac: Calculus, Gravitation, Telescope

Newton, Herschel, Ritter: Spectrum of Light

Nipkow, Baird: Mechanical Television

Ohm Georg: Ohm's Law

Parnell Thomas: Pitch Drop Experiment

Priestley, Helmont, Ingenhousz: Photosynthesis

Scheele, Priestly, Lavoisier: Oxygen Discovery

Skinner Frederic: Skinner Box

Tesla Nikola: AC Electric Power, AC Motor, Radio

Torricelli Evangelista: Barometer

Volta Alessandro: Voltaic Pile

Whitney Eli: Cotton Gin

Wright Brothers: Airplane

Young Thomas Double Slit Experiment

Zuse Konrad: Computer

AC Electric Power, AC Motor, Radio: Tesla Nikola

Airplane: Wright Brothers

Archimedes' Principle: Archimedes of Syracuse

Barometer: Torricelli Evangelista

Barometer, Fitzroy: Fitzroy Robert

Calculus, Gravitation, Telescope: Newton Isaac

Camera, Hand-Held: Eastman George

Computer: Zuse Konrad

Cotton Gin: Whitney Eli

Double Slit Experiment: Young Thomas

Earth's Circumference: Eratosthenes

Earth Weight: Cavendish Henry

Electric Motor & Generator: Faraday Michael

Ether Wind Experiment: Michelson-Morley

DNA: Griffith, Avery, MacLeod, McCarty

Electromagnetism: Ampère André-Marie

Falling Bodies Experiment: Galileo Galilei

Faraday Cage: Faraday Michael

Foucault Pendulum: Foucault Léon

Fuel Cell: Grove William

Kite Experiment, Lightning Rod: Franklin Benjamin

Light Bulb: Edison Thomas

Light Spectrum: Newton, Herschel, Ritter

Mechanical Equivalent of Heat: Joule James

Microscope: Leeuwenhoek Anton van

Miller-Urey Experiment: Miller-Urey

Movable Type: Gutenberg Johannes

Ohm's Law: Ohm Georg

Oil-Drop Experiment: Millikan Robert

Orchids and Evolution: Darwin Charles

Oxygen Discovery: Scheele, Priestly, Lavoisier

Parachute: Leonardo da Vinci

Pea Plant Experiment: Mendel Gregor

Peanut Products: Carver George Washington

Photosynthesis: Helmont, Priestley, Ingenhousz

Pitch Drop Experiment: Thomas Parnell

Radio: Marconi Guglielmo

Radio & Wireless Patents and Inventions

Radio Waves: Hertz Heinrich

Sextant, Quadrant: Brahe Tycho

Relativity, Photoelectric Effect: Einstein Albert

Skinner Box: Skinner Frederic

Telegraph: Morse Samuel

Telephone: Bell Alexander Graham

Telescope: Galileo Galilei

Television, Mechanical: Nipkow, Baird

Transistor: Bardeen, Shockley, Brattain

Voltaic Pile: Volta Alessandro

Ampère's Law

Archimedes' Principle

Barlow's Wheel


Barometer, Fitzroy

Cotton Gin

Crystal Radio, Natural Crystals

Detective / Spy Camera


Double Slit Experiment

Earth's Circumference

Earth Weight

Ether Wind Experiment

Falling Bodies Experiment

Faraday Cage

Faraday Disc

Fuel Cell


Joule Apparatus

Kites and Gliders

Light Bulb

Leyden Jar, Lightning Bells

Microscope, Leeuwenhoek

Miller-Urey Experiment

Movable Type

Newton’s Prism Experiments

Nipkow Disk, Mechanical TV

Ohm's Law

Oil-Drop Experiment

Orchid Pollination



Pea Plant Experiment

Peanut Growing, Peanut Butter



Pitch Drop Experiment

Radio Transmission

Radio Waves

Relay Logic Gates

Sextant, Quadrant

Skinner Box



Tesla's Egg of Columbus


Tuning Fork, Liquid Transmitter

Victorian Camera

Voltaic Pile

Physics Demonstration Videos

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