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Julian Rubin

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Hello readers,

My name is Julian Rubin; born 1954; live in Israel in a little desert town called Dimona (the setting of my novel).
I have been an avid reader from early age and penned my first novel at the age of twelve in Hebrew.
By profession, I am an electronics and computer technician and those are the position I held in the Israeli army Signal Corps and upon my release, at the Israeli National Telecommunication Company. I earned my Bachelorís degree in math and Jewish history at the Open University of Israel and make a living, mainly as an information specialist freelancer and as a math, English and science high school teacher.
I am also very interested in Bible history.
My first juvenile novel, The Orchid Grower, reflects many of my life experiences and interests (children, dogs, sports, science, Internet) . My main goal was to present to the young reader several scientific topics fluently interwoven into an adventure plot in order to encourage science, web and computer literacy among the young. I prefer to write for the pre-puberty age because those youngsters are old enough to understand and young enough not to lose optimism.

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Julian Rubin
Is The Author Of:

The Orchid Grower, a Juvenile Science Adventure Novel

The Orchid Grower – a Juvenile Science Adventure Novel

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Julain Rubin with Kelly

With Kelly, a protagonist of my novel
Kelly was born in the end of 1994 in Dimona, Israel

Kelly's grave

Kelly died on Thursday, March 29, 2007, 7:35 PM in Dimona, Israel

More about Kelly

My Dog Kelly

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